• 2/12/2013

    Initial intake meeting with Miriam’s Promise (in Nashville), our home study and post-placement agency

  • 2/20/2013

    Submitted our "Application for Adoption" with Holt International (in Oregon), our placement agency >> Read the blog

  • 2/23/2013

    First round of fingerprinting to verify our identites and begin checking for potential child endangerment and criminal histories

  • 3/3/2013

    The “paper chase” begins (applying for and gathering of original birth certificates, marriage certificate, local and federal criminal clearances, employment letters, bank statements, reference letters, passport pages...) >> Read the blog

  • 3/4/2013

    Completed our required physical examinations and labwork

  • 3/13/2013

    Turned in autobiographies and home study input questionnaires to Miriam’s Promise (43 pages of typed answers to everything ranging from our parenting style to our conflict resolution and everything in between!)

  • 3/19/2013

    Sarah’s individual home study interview

  • 3/19/13

    First 6 hour “Parents in Process” class (required for the home study)

  • 3/21/2013

    Kevin’s individual home study interview

  • 3/26/13

    Second 6 hour “Parents in Process” class

  • 4/2/2013

    Final 6 hour “Parents in Process” class + ethnic potluck supper

  • 4/4/2013

    Official home visit and joint interview for home study from Miriam’s Promise

  • 5/30/2013

    Final, notarized home study document received from Miriam’s Promise and sent to Holt >> Read the blog

  • 6/3/2013

    Home Study approved by Holt

  • 6/4/2013

    Completed and mailed I-800A (her preliminary visa application) and home study to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) >> Read the blog

  • 6/30/13

    Received assigned FBI fingerprinting appointment date from USCIS

  • 7/10/2013

    FBI fingerprinting for USCIS >> Read the blog

  • 8/8/2013

    Received I-797 approval of the I-800A from the USCIS

  • 8/8/2013

    Took all notarized dossier documents (everything slowly gathered on the paper chase) to the Davidson County Clerk’s office for county certification >> Read the blog

  • 8/8/13

    Took all county certified dossier documents to the TN Secretary of State for state certification

  • 8/9/2013

    Mailed all county/state certified dossier documents to the U.S. Consulate offices in Houston and Chicago, and the Chinese Embassy in D.C. for authentication

  • 8/28/2013

    Received authenticated dossier documents back from the Consulates and Embassy

  • 8/29/13

    Mailed completed, authenticated dossier to Holt

  • 9/6/2013

    Holt mailed dossier to China >> Read the blog

  • 9/16/13

    Dossier officially “logged in” in China

  • 9/16/13

    Waiting for a match

  • 12/10/13

    "The call", the referral, the match! She's ours! >> Read the blog

  • 12/11/13

    Match accepted, Letter of Intent (LOI) sent to China

  • 1/14/14

    Letter of Acceptance (LOA) received from China

  • 1/15/14

    Completed and mailed I-800 application to the USCIS

  • 1/29/14

    Received I-800 provisional approval from the USCIS

  • 2/6/14

    Received NVC (National Visa Center) letter as PDF and filed DS260 and 261 with the Department of State

  • 2/27/14

    Article 5 received

  • 3/13/14

    Travel approval and travel dates confirmed

  • 4/9/14

    China bound! >> Read the blog

  • 4/14/14

    The day we finally met the little lotus (in Nanjing, China), and become a family of three! >> Read the blog

  • 4/24/14

    Home (in Nashville) for good! >> Read the blog

"I am a lotus flower – delicate, fragile, yet strong... floating, unfolding, and blossoming into the life where I belong.”