What a Wonderful World

In the beginning she was terrified of the library puppets and we sat in the very back where she stuck to me like glue.

Then several weeks later she found the bravery to move a few feet closer to the show and she was safe enough just sitting in my lap.

Once I gave her an official library card lanyard, she was “just like JJ the Lamb and Cedric the Dragon!” so all fear was lost.

Now we arrive early to get front row seats and hold our library card up to JJ so she knows we’re legit.

Today, she proudly ran up to the stage for the finale song when all the kids are invited to do so. You can only see seven or eight kids in the shot, but there is actually around 20-30 total! The puppets and librarian do the sign for “wonderful world” each time it is repeated in the song – that’s what her arm rolling is (those other kids are just missing the cue!). Oh, and she was the unofficial leader of the percussion session. And happier than a pig in poo. :)

Without further adieu, What a Wonderful World...

"I am a lotus flower – delicate, fragile, yet strong... floating, unfolding, and blossoming into the life where I belong.”