Thankful for... "This Kid"

I now understand why parents post ridiculously endearing photos of their tikes, captioned by only two words, “this kid”. It must be because they feel like us most days: there are no other words to describe the love and adoration. This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for nothing else more than our little lotus hambone and the joy as we witness her hilarious little personality come to life.


We knew that “this kid” was fun-loving (and yes, special) from the moment we met her. She gave us a full-mouth smile in Nanjing within minutes of me holding her for the first time, as I threw her above my head playfully. And back in the hotel room an hour later, she busted into our first full-bellied chuckle at the simplest thing while playing with Sarah: an empty water bottle falling over. Who knew? We’ve not yet shared that particular video publicly, but seeing how it was merely a sign of things to come, it just felt right today.

Make no mistake, our little lotus has been humorous all along, but just recently has she started turning into an all-out Thanksgiving ham. Between kitchen floor breakdancing, donning her fake fur coat inside (because it’s “sooooofffftttt!”), insisting on wearing Momma’s sweatshirt as a dress to walk around the house, or even a solo dance party at library storytime (including a form tackle by a big kid… watch the quick recovery!)... Julia’s silliness has brought lots of laughs and happy tears the last few months.

So to celebrate what we’re most thankful for on this special day, here’s a little video collection of favorite recent silly moments with our love (including the very first funny moment in China).

Gobble, gobble, and here’s to many more laughs to come...

"I am a lotus flower – delicate, fragile, yet strong... floating, unfolding, and blossoming into the life where I belong.”