It’s Go Time! Great News to Kick Our Fundraiser into Full Gear

We got great news and better news this week that now has us running around like a couple of Peking ducks!

A wonderfully unexpected FedEx package hit our doorstep Wednesday: our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China! That critical, unpredictable piece of paper that sometimes takes over 100 days arrived just 34 days after our match and Letter of Intent (LOI). It’s actually one of the quickest we have heard to date. We’re blessed. The better news? That quick timing means we’ll likely travel to China in April to bring the lotus home for good! Woo hoo!

Here’s the scary part: we had our fundraiser running in the background, not wanting to really “push it” too much. But with roughly only 11 weeks left and more than $24,000 to raise as of today to reach our goal (out of $32,000 total)… it’s time to kick our fundraising efforts into full gear.

So we’re here to humbly (so humbly) ask that you consider joining us and supporting the little lotus. Here’s how you can help, if you so graciously choose.

First, you can make a tax-deductible donation via our page on AdoptTogether. We are so indebted to those who have contributed via our page already, and those who might feel led to donate in the future. AdoptTogether is a wonderful non-profit organization, and every penny donated goes to us.

Or second, you can buy some coffee through us instead of at the grocery. A fabulously generous Nashville-based coffee roaster called Just Love has a program for adopting families, since the owners/founders adopted a child from Ethiopia themselves. Basically, if you go through our page they give us anywhere from $3-5 per bag of coffee, on average. And since Just Love donates 5% of their own profits to charities and causes around the world, it’s a double give with you supporting two efforts at once.

We’re also planning, with our awesome families, a garage sale plus a couple of benefit concerts in a few weeks. And to round it out, I’m thinking about offering a game of one-way virtual truth-or-dare for silver dollars. What better way to show the lotus a father’s love than to make a fool of myself for a few bucks at a time? Ha. We have some of the most creative friends in the world, so this could get interesting. Just don’t dare me to streak Tiger Stadium. Been there, done that. Sorry Mom!

Back to being serious, we don’t take this request lightly. We actually hesitated even “asking for” donations, but so many folks spoke up asking how they could lend a helping hand to bring our little girl home. We understand that this adoption that costs $32,000 was indeed a choice, as was our decision for Sarah to stay at home with her full-time and us become a single-income family. Things are tight. But we know these funds are for the lotus, not us. And that’s quite frankly something we treasure about adoption – unlike traditional pregnancy, it truly “takes a village” to bring home the lotus. We simply opened our hearts, went where we felt the world needed us, and now we’re grateful to tears about everyone who has (or will!) join us in this journey.

Every little bit helps, and honestly it’s the smallest gestures that can keep us strong. This adventure wouldn’t be possible without you.

Because we’ve run out of ways to say thank you, how about the three most popular methods in China? We owe you all these times 10.

xie xie

doh je

u de

We love y’all! Really. And hope that you consider supporting our cause.

"I am a lotus flower – delicate, fragile, yet strong... floating, unfolding, and blossoming into the life where I belong.”