Adoption Fundraising 101: Let a Movie Be Filmed in Your House

What do you do when you’re trying to raise necessary funds to adopt a child from China and a movie crew is looking in your neighbor’s windows to scout a location? Scramble across the street and coax them into your home instead. Naturally.

So, that’s not really how this all began. But two days into a movie being filmed at our house (all over our house!), I have to admit we’re only retaining our sanity because it’s raising money for “her”.

Let’s take two steps back. A couple of weeks ago, a movie crew was indeed peering in our neighbor’s windows scouting a scene for an independent film starring Tim Meadows (known as the Ladies Man on Saturday Night Live). Sarah was only being protective of our neighbors since they weren’t home, and went over there to check on things. Subsequently, the crew asked to view our home too. After immediately saying it was just what they were looking for (it’s the bachelor pad for Tim’s character), Sarah called me to see if I was up for adding the world’s funniest fundraiser to the mix. After hearing that they would give us more than a grand as a “location rental”, we jumped on the opportunity to add this event to the adoption timeline.


So the movie is a comedic drama (to be released in 2014) with Tim Meadows, Frances Conroy from Six Feet Under, a few more folks “from that movie”, and a really cute 11-year-old first time actor that’s been running around our house all week. You can watch the first cut of the trailer here. Our house's big moments are at 1:20 and 1:49, but don't blink or you'll miss them!

While we’re happy to loan our home for the money, we certainly didn’t expect how crazy it would become. We were just picturing a dude with a camera, a gal with a microphone, and maybe some hipster guy with eye makeup. But this thing is full-on: 30+ people, our backyard turned into catering services, our driveaway full of equipment, and practically every nook and cranny of our house filled with some sort of gear. Side note: I still don’t know what a best boy is. But I did meet a super nice key grip.

The crew has been here from sunrise past midnight, and Sarah’s birthday dinner had to end with us bumming a couch seat from a neighbor (thanks Anna!) because we couldn’t get into our bedroom to sleep. It’s all good though. It’s a hilarious experience, and there have been a few classic funnies to come out of this, including Tim Meadows banging his knee on our coffee table and Sarah making an inappropriate nervous comment about our furniture biting him. And another story you’ll have to ask Sarah about. :)

Just look at the madness below. And one day when our little girl reads this: just know, pumpkin, that we went to all lengths to help bring you home!


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