3 Couples, Adopting From 3 Different Countries, Living 3 Miles Apart... That's addONE!

What are the chances that three couples from the same neighborhood (living just three miles apart) would be adopting children from three different countries at the exact same time? And that two of the couples had the last name Brown? And that those three couples would be connected via a neighborhood store, inspired by adoption itself with the owner being adopted herself? Too special to be a coincidence? We think so too.

We mentioned in the blog back in October that we’ve become dear friends with a special family that owns 1907 Apparel in East Nashville. Owners Dawn and Michael had invited us to be part of an adoption fundraising and awareness campaign the first time we met, but little did we know how meaningful the conversation would become.


After a few weeks of group planning and a little bit of midnight oil, the addONE campaign was launched in November. You can check it out here! 1907 Apparel launched this new brand to celebrate adoption and raise awareness/funds for families thinking about adding one. The brand includes items like t-shirts, mugs, and hats and $5 from every purchase goes into the fund. Between now and December 31st, that fund will be shared with our family, the other Brown family (adopting from Haiti), and the Koctar family (who just recently received their match… a little boy from Uganda!).

More important than just fundraising, addONE is a chance for us to spread the word about the great need that exists to bring home those 150 million orphans out in the world. We held an addONE launch party at the store today and were able to have countless special conversations with those either already touched by adoption, or those thinking about it. You can check out some of my own pictures from the party here.

The cool thing about addONE is that the brand will be a permanent fixture at 1907, so even after this current campaign ends for our three families… we’ll be able to be a part of future campaigns for future families. It’s not only a way of “paying back” what will be given to us, but it’s also a chance to link adopted families in East Nashville and beyond. Community is everything in an adventure like this.

So this holiday season, if you’re searching for gift ideas and want to support the Browns, Browns, and Koctars and bringing home little ones from China, Haiti, and Uganda... consider purchasing an item online or in-store. Shop the full line at

PS- A special thanks goes out to Dawn & Michael, Amy & Ben, and Courtney & Dustin for their friendship and support so far in this journey. We’re so blessed to have you in our lives!

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