21st Century Fingerprints

Today was our FBI fingerprint appointment date for our I-800A application. As expected, the appointment notice arrived right at two weeks from the date we mailed the application, and today’s appointment pretty much marks two weeks from when we received the notice. It was a non-event really, but a step in the right direction nonetheless and good reassurance that our process is following the “norm” in regards to timeframe so far.

You have no choice of appointment dates and times, but instead you simply receive a piece of paper telling you when and where to show up. Thank goodness I work for myself and Kevin works with an understanding guy who is 110% behind us on this thing. This was certainly not the first time we have been required to take a few hours out of our work day for the adoption, and it definitely won’t be the last.

I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be though than on a lunch date with Kevin and two sweet government ladies taking our fancy digital fingerprints under a debonair painting of President Obama in a federal office building. Romantic, right?

Hopefully our prints pass with flying colors and our USCIS officer issues our 797 approval in a wink.


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